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Aug 20 2014 10:09 AM | zomby6 in Articles

Hello MineGuildians,

Today I am proud to have the honor to announce that you, The MineGuild community will have the chance to add your feedback on future abilities you would like to see added. The point of this project is to all you to have the chance to tell us what you would like to see. So please leave a comment with your suggestion below.

But please be forewarned that some of the things you request may not be possible. But we look forward to seeing your ideas and wishes.

MineGuild Staff

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So many perks I could die!

Aug 11 2014 12:22 PM | zomby6 in Articles

Hello Mineguilders!

Before I continue on to the new/old rank perks I would like to apologize if there have been less staff members on as per usual. I hope you all understand that, like you, our staff also like going off on summer holiday. But that does not mean we stopped working on new goodies for you guys.

I want to start off with a few more command perks first..... click on the article title to head in to the full article, it's a bit long for the frontpage otherwise

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New Rank Perk

Jul 10 2014 12:39 PM | zomby6 in Articles

Hello mineguilders!

I am very happy to announce today that we added a new rank feature to all ranks above Miner! (This includes Miner). We have noticed that players enjoy being able to add other players to their regions without having to hassle staff about it so we have decided to return the /trust and /untrust commands. I have to thank ItsTartan for making it all work for us, we also have to thank him for making the /spa and /vision plugin for us.

So how does it work?
Well it is pretty simple. If you are standing in your region all you need to do is type in /trust <username> (without the brackets) and voila the player is added to the region. There is one condition though, and that is that the player you are adding must be online.
Removing a player from your region is equally as simple, simply do /untrust <username> (again without the brackets) and voila the player is removed from your region. This command however does not need the player to be online.

I hope you all enjoy this new feature we have added. And we hope to bring you more features and perks like this in the near future.


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Changes to Mineguild

Jun 17 2014 11:24 AM | zomby6 in Articles

Hello everyone,

As you might have noticed over the past few days there have been several changes to the server.I would like to outline a few of the changes here for all of you that do not venture in game that often, but still like to be in the know about the community.

World Guard
As you have noticed in game we are shifting back to WorldGuard, We find that this plugin simply works better for our needs and allows us more flexibility when it comes to player regions.
As a part of this change we are advising players to make a /modreq in game with the request of your GriefPrevention regions being changed in to WorldGuard ones.
All new protections are to be done in this new manner as we will be disabling the GriefPrevention plugin in 2 weeks.

New Market
As some of you already know we are making a few changes to the market.
Firstly we are switching to a new market building which is being built by the amazing Jozza82, as he is the master of our spawn.
Another of the changes to the market is the fact that we are going to sell far less items. Do not worry all the basic materials will still be in the market, as will several of the harder to get and harder to craft items.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy the server as much as we enjoy making it a fun place for you.


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New User Console Panel

May 04 2014 07:49 PM | Artemu in Articles

Today I would like to launch the new Mineguild User Console.
The new tool will allows users to access critical information about their account, and in addition provide them with new tools and services to improve their gameplay experience on Mineguild. Some of the services we offer are.

- Checking Money Balance
- Toggle God Mode
- Kick your account
- Fix Negative Claim Block Errors
- Rerank your account (Coming Soon)
- Many more soon...

Login to the console at https://www.mineguild.com/member/ - The console is completely self explanatory, and instructions and information is provided where needed.

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Mineguild - Relaunched

Dec 04 2013 11:51 AM | Artemu in Articles

After many long hours of work from both the Bukkit Team and the Mineguild Team - the server is finally ready to relaunch into 1.7 today.
Though much work still has to be done from both sides, the overall workings of the server have reached the point where they are now stable to support a thriving community of Minecrafters. With the reset comes much change, some that may be taken both negatively and positively by the community; but in the end all changes have been done to provide the Mineguild community with the best possible service and quality of gaming.

The first and foremost issue for me; was the problem with broken connections and timeouts in 1.6. From what I can see, we have managed to completely eliminate this; there are no more dropped connections being experienced anymore, and we hope that this will enhance your gameplay tremendously.

The next topic of the agenda is, how are you affected by the reset? To start off, we have completely reset everyones balances, inventory and chests. There is nothing left from our old map. In addition, all skills, exp and other related traits of your characters have also been reset. Overall the reset was much needed, as the map at the time was a year and a half old, one of the oldest maps to date in the Minecraft community. Though with the reset comes much needed open land, and best of all we are using the new Amplified Generator!

The rolling hills, and landscapes of the future will provide you and your friends with the best possible gaming around. Build mountain fortresses or sunken bunkers. The creativity of this lies in your hands. And when you ready, you can visit our world class, custom designed spawn which returns in this new iteration of Mineguild.

Finally onto second chances. Everyone who was previously banned from our server, has and will be given a second chance. We have reset our ban logs, and allowed everyone back into our new and exciting world. And though some people who were previously banned, may want to come back to wreck and cause harm - we feel that everyone deserves a second chance. But be warned, this doesn't mean we going to go lightly on griefers, if you break the founding principals of the server you will be banned!

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Relaunch 1.7

Oct 25 2013 04:58 AM | Artemu in Articles

As many of you may have already seen, the 1.7 update will be released shortly. This means that we will start undergoing changes and updates to the server and its map. The updates will happen as follows.

- Once 1.7 is released, we will archive the current map. We will then boot up a Vanilla server for you guys to mess around on. The reason we wish to use Vanilla is because of the full map reset, and the fact that the software we run off will take a few hours to days to update, we going to give you a temporary world to play in.
- Once the 1.7 update is propagated to servers; we will begin the reset. This will consist of a few hours of down time, which will be required to move our spawn area to the new map.
- The architect and designer builds that qualified to move, will then gradually be transferred over to the new map during off-peak periods, as they will require the server to be whitelisted when doing so. There are a number of these, so they may take a few days to get across (note this will not affect overall uptime)
- During the reset it is important to note the following. All content will be reset, that means chests, money, /chest, etc the only thing players will retain is their ranks.
- Infinite players will temporarily have Creative Mode disabled for about the first month while we work on establishing an alternative solution. The use of creative items has long been a problem, and we want to establish a stable economy.
- All staff will be restructured. Applications will be required to be submitted again and all current applications will be automatically denied shortly for resubmission.
- I will update this post with more news shortly - please stay tuned.

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Connectivity issues

Oct 03 2013 09:49 PM | Artemu in Articles

We seem to have picked up a bug recently, which has been causing some connectivity issues and dropping the client-server connection at set intervals.

I have been working on a fix, and the server "seems" to be stable! However, more testing is required.
If you still experience this bug, please post in this topic and I will investigate further.

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Changes to Mineguild

Sep 15 2013 10:03 AM | Artemu in Articles

Morning Guilders,

That time has come where I need to make an announcement with regards to some changes currently happening within the Mineguild community.

First off, things have been slowed down a lot recently - I have been moving and shifting around server hardware, and preparing some changes which are to come into effect on the Mineguild SMP.
  • A map reset is in the pipeline, and will be done when 1.7 is released. No earlier.
  • The bug with Worldguard is being attended to
  • Server hardware has been reshuffled.
  • Voting rewards are being given out, and voting credits can be claimed soon.
  • Staff applications are temporarily paused. More staff will be hired at 1.7
  • The market place is currently being overlooked at we planning to improve it.
  • More soon...
Thank you for your continued support.

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New Voting System & Rewards

Sep 01 2013 07:11 AM | Artemu in Articles

Welcome to a new month Mineguilders!

Today we are officially launching our newly revised voting system!
We previously tried to implement a voting system, that failed horribly - and have in turn learnt from our mistakes. It is therefore with great pleasure, that we introduce the newly improved system, 2.0.

Before I even start to explain, let me get your attention by telling you some great news! The top voter of each month will receive a free rank upgrade, and as we have already been testing our new system the last few days, I will start off by congratulating tommy4703, who is the first recipient of our first "Top Voter of the Month Award", and who is now decking a flashy new rank for free!

So you probably wondering how to vote, and it is actually very simple! Once a day, click the link on the right panel, under the pretty big blue diamond - follow each of the links, remembering to fill in your name, and claim your votes!

In addition to monthly rewards, we will shortly be announcing and launching our new voting panel, which will allow you to claim amazingly cool prizes like, disguises, flying abilities and cash! So stay tuned to Mineguild, and remember to vote daily!

(Each vote counts 1 voting credit.)

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