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Welcome to MineGuild

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Welcome to MineGuild.

MineGuild is a MineCraft SMP server. The server is run 24/7, and is forms part of many different areas. Prior to the launch of this server, I was (and still am) developing plugins for Bukkit, worked as an operator on one of the biggest Minecraft servers on the web - and as of next year, this server will form part of my University studies (Software Development), where I will be using it as a base for my projects.

From a more in game aspect, the server is as follows:

We feature an economy based system on the server, which allows for players to trade goods using virtual currency. The currency can be earned by means of mining and selling, or trading with other players.

The server offers a wide range of features. These features are controlled and accessible by the different player ranks, which can be purchased in our Store.

Our server is currently situation in a Tier 3 data centre. It has an uplink of 100mb/s, Quad Core Xeon processor with 4GB of ram. This however will soon be upgraded to 1GB/s, Dual Quad Core Xeon and 16-32GB of Ram as soon as costs become more viable and the server population requires.


i just donated $15 for Miner epicness.
william burridge
Jul 02 2012 07:00 PM
i just donated 15$ for miner epicness
william burridge
Jul 02 2012 07:01 PM
im stoneman1489 not william
william burridge
Jul 06 2012 12:48 AM
why did i get banned for 4 days can you make it 2
hmm... i was just banned. for greifing
but for some reason i did not greif... so why am i banned?
Aug 26 2012 05:23 PM
Ban Winners 103 i have screenshots of him calling me a re tard and offending me and my familly please ban him thank you. READ
    • XxAidanWallacexX and TheCrazyCougar like this
everyone warp timchest for netherrack it rox it in stacks of 1 32 and 64 COME NOW
Where do i Apply for to be a mod? i like helping and im kinda getting board sitting around so "SOME ONE PLEASE REAPLY!"----> Hobbletops
please somone tell me how to get semi admin
please can i be wite listed on your server? my name is dmankerr please witelist me.
any staff plz teleport me to spawn cuz im stuck in a pvp called zepvp and i aacetently left on godmode and cant turn it of in the area and cant get out thx by the way usernames harolddinio
oh yeah aswell i cant use /g in the area plz help thx harolddinio
or teleport me to jail for 20 mins i dont relly mind plz and how u sign up for staff
someone out of staff say i did when u did
Harrolddino.... How should I put this?

1. This is not the place for questions. Go to the forums and ask a question.
2. If you can't post on the forums, it is likely that you haven't activated your account. Click the link in the confirmation email.
3. Did you try making a /modreq?
4. I would suggest not putting comments one after another like that. Try not to, for future reference.
5. I am not staff so I cannot help you :(
Feb 28 2013 11:03 PM

hello i really respect this server and i love it but can i just say please unbann jared

he is my best friend and he did not do anything and even if he did you should have just gave him a warning and im sure he would STOP!

Mar 09 2013 05:47 AM

I Got Banned For Stealing But I Did Not The Guy Was Like Selling Books And I Grabed Some To Buy Them And The Game Lagged Out Then I Was Kicked I Come Back And I Was Getting Killed [Thats Spawn Killing] So I Logged Off And Then I Come Back And I Got Banned. Thats My Storie I Got Banned For I A MisunderStanding.Please Can I Be UnBanned I Lost All My Money I Had About 150k So Ya. But I Dont Need It Back It's Ok.Please UnBan Me Please...


How do you vote???

I paid $15.00 for my son to play on this server . He just got banned from it because another player told him to grief his house and then put the stuff back so my son did it for him as he was doing it the other player reported him to purposely get my son perma banned from this server. So could you please unban my son from this server I did not pay $15 so other players could try to trick him just to get hi  kicked off.

Apr 12 2013 11:16 AM

Can i please be a semi-moderator? Please. You all are awesome. I will read forums and help with problems. I will not ban people for no reason. By the way veeda greifed my shop.2013-04-12_06.15.59


Apr 20 2013 01:19 PM

REALLY want to be semi_mod. Please. I will light myself on fire to get this.

Apr 20 2013 05:42 PM

REALLY want to be semi_mod. Please. I will light myself on fire to get this.


Apr 21 2013 02:29 PM

Artemu, all the admins do not have sympathy for me. I could have broken my toe. I smashed it so hard it turned purple. Anyway I said does any1 the least bit sorry for me? A lot said no, (ces1 said i was whiny) (I wasnt) only 2 people said I'm sorry. So I want to be semi-mod. But nobody liked it. Please let me. I will help out and read modreq and make warp and private things for people. Thank You for your time,