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Mineguild Rank Perks


Chest Shops
Craft Horse Items More info here
MobDisguise - Pig & Chicken
Can use "/rg info " for own regions
Can use "/rg list .me" for own regions
/back - Return to previous location (On Death ONLY)



/nopvp (Like God Mode)
/heal - to heal yourself
/chest - Access your private chest anywhere
/feed - to feed yourself
Torches Kit: /kit torches
MobDisguise - Cow & MooCow
MobDisguise - Burning Mobs



/back - Allows you to TP to your previous location before /warp or /home
/ci - Clears your inventory
/workbench - Access a workbench anywhere
/smelt - Smelt Ore stack that you are holding
Stone Kit: /kit stone
Can use Pistons [Currently enabled for all players. Will be restricted later]
MobDisguise - Creeper & Skeleton



Super Pickaxe
Food Kit: /kit food
/top - TP's you to highest point above your current location.
/jump - Allows you to jump long distances
/thru - Pass through walls
Can set /warp's
MobDisguise - Sheep & Zombie
MobDisguise - Can disguise as colored sheep



/butcher - kills all nearby mobs
/asc - Go up one floor
/desc - Go down one floor
Can set Gates and Bridges
Can place water, fire & lava [Currently enabled for all donors. Will be restricted later.]
MobDisguise - Slime & Wolf
Wool Kit: /kit wool
/ragequit - Kicks you for 30 mins from the server if you want to Rage Quit.



Can use /hat
Forbidden Kit for Epic Hats: /kit forbidden
Wood Kit: /kit wood
XP Kit: /kit xp
Potion Kit: /kit potions
MobDisguise - Cavespider, Spider and Snowman
Can Emote - /me
Use Cauldrons



Private Channel for Knights & Infinite users.
Can use LogBlock lookup (With Bedrock)
Can set player time. /ptime
Can access all restricted blocks.
MobDisguise - Squid, Villager & Pig Zombie
War Kit: /kit war



Creative Mode (See info on this. It is a limited version)
Custom Prefix
MobDisguise - Enderman, Iron Goldem and Blaze

More Info about creative mode: